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Purple Configurator Pro v1.0.4 for Windows

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    Introducing Purple Configurator Pro v1.0.4 for Windows - Now Available for FREE!


    Unlock the full potential of your Windows system with Purple Configurator Pro - and the best part? It's absolutely FREE to use!

    ✅ What's New:

    1. Experience the revolutionary "Pownder Now Working" feature, compatible with both Intel and AMD processors - all included in this complimentary version!

    2. Enjoy the enhanced stability and performance provided by our latest addition: Purple Boot Files, ensuring a seamless computing experience.

    3. Simplify your workflow with the convenient auto-read Device Info from Dfu feature - all at no cost to you!

    Upgrade to Purple Configurator Pro V 1.0.4 today, and take advantage of premium features without spending a dime!

    Don't miss out - get the app now and unleash the power of Purple Configurator Pro on your mobile device.


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